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Demolition 4 Less has the reputation of safeguarding people’s lives and keeping the asbestos on the fence. We have been performing qualitative demolition services for more than ten years now. Removing asbestos before demolishing a unit, property, office space is important for people who move in next. Our Western Sydney demolition services are fantastic, where our smart contractors with well-equipped equipment perform their jobs.

Asbestos has been used in Australia for a long time until it was banned in 2003. Up to the time, it was commercially used in huge quantities in construction sites, plumbing materials, etc. If those elements contain asbestos are disturbed in any way and if it is inhaled, it can cause great damage to the functional working of the human body. The fibres in asbestos can be carcinogenic further causing a rare cancer of the lungs and abdomen.

Why should you choose Demolition 4 Less?

Demolition 4 Less is an asbestos removal company that everybody in Australia is aware of. It is because they are our clients and have seen our professionals working on the sites, so that they can remain safe. There are substantial reasons to choose demolition 4 Less for all the asbestos removal:

  • We strive for quality work and believe that the only quality that can help a business ace, is determination
  • Apart from that, we have professionals/ contractors who holistically dedicate all their time in improving themselves
  • Furthermore, we are an insured company and are licensed to perform asbestos removal procedures
  • What we do is dangerous. Hence, we sternly comply with New South Wales (NSW) mandate
  • All our equipment is technologically up to date. If they start wearing and tearing, we immediately make a point to fix it or get it replaced
  • Our contractors and professionals wear safety uniforms during the asbestos removal and they will always ask you to stay at a distance to keep you safe
  • The best part about our service is 100% guarantee. A cent percent satisfaction on all our services
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Our exceptional services

Demolition 4 less provides an array of asbestos removal services in Western Sydney and in all the other parts of the country.

  • Asbestos testing: if you need any area that you wish to get tested, you can contact us, and we will immediately send our crew to do the needful. We get all our samples tested in an accredited lab; hence, the accuracy is not at stake.
  • Asbestos disposal: we work under the proposed law by Workcover NSW. There are nine disposal facilities in the Sydney region. If you wish to dispose of asbestos, please do contact us since we provide reasonable disposal services.
  • Coronavirus clean-up services: We provide deep cleaning, consistent fogging at touchpoints, surfaces, walls, doors, windows, floors, as per your requirement. The virus is bound to stay on the surfaces for a long time. Hence, the decontamination is our responsibility, and we will make sure that no touchpoint is left out of it.
  • Mould removal: We are accredited by IICRC to remove moulds. If you see any moulds in and around your property, you can contact us, and we will be there at your service in no time.
  • Water damage restoration: With water extracting, drying, and dehumidifying equipment, and moisture reading equipment, we have got the water damage situation all under our control.

There is no reason why anyone would not like to avail our exemplary yet affordable services. Get in touch with us and we will ensure the best services dispensed for you. You can also go to our website and check all the testimonials and feedback of our happy customers.

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