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Fantastic demolition services now in Villawood

Demolition 4 Less has been in the asbestos removal and demolition services in Villawood for more than a decade now. We have ideal services, and our contractors are well-equipped with all the knowledge this business requires. Yet, we aspire to be better and better every day because we have the courage to criticise and question our own doings. This attitude of demolition 4 Less, is remarkable and has paved a path for its prosperity.

We are famous among all the customers in Villawood because the services we provide are remarkable. Moreover, our customer relationship department is highly functional and maintains close and friendly relationships with all our customers. We answer all the queries and questions of our dear customers in no time. We do not want our customers to be waiting. We are quick and prompt in all what we do.

Our exemplary services

At Demolition 4 Less, we follow the code of conduct very strictly. Our procedures are in accordance with our mandated protocol which is always followed by us. This is the reason we can dispense excellent services to all our customers in Villawood and in all other parts of Australia.

1. Asbestos testing:

  • We provide asbestos testing throughout the metropolitan region
  • We can send our men to the site that requires testing, or you can collect the sample of asbestos in the size of twenty cent piece for an accurate reading
  • Posting the sample to our testing lab can be a cheapest option
  • We perform all our testing at an accredited laboratory after which the mail for the result is sent within 24-48 hours
  • If the result is positive, we can dispatch a team in no time to remove the asbestos in that area

2. Asbestos disposal:

  • We have an excellent disposal service that is very convenient to dispose asbestos safely
  • We follow strict guidelines by New South Wales. We safeguard the environment too, while disposing
  • Our services are very affordable, and we provide disposable services for any amount of asbestos, from 1 kg to over 1000 kg

3. Coronavirus clean-up services:

  • Coronavirus can live long on surfaces, hence we have altered our services accordingly
  • It involves deep cleaning of the infected area with consistent fogging at regular intervals, sanitation to all touchpoints, surfaces, equipment, and floors
  • We take care of the decontamination and make sure the infected area is germ-free
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4. Residential Demolition:

  • A property that is due for demolition and contain asbestos, you can call us to remove asbestos
  • Removal of all the site materials, certificate for clearance of asbestos and site decontamination are all included in our demolition services

5. Mould Removal:

  • We have been accredited by IICRC for identifying and further removing moulds
  • We have the technology, that is unmatchable
  • We give free consultations to all our customers

6. Water damage restoration:

  • Addressing water damage quickly is vital as more than 85% of the water damages are caused due to fires, flooding, pipe breaks and storms
  • A water damage mitigation plan will be implemented by Demolition 4 Less
  • We do this to extract, dry and dehumidify your building
  • Further, we prevent the percolation of water using our excellent equipment by extracting, drying, and dehumidifying
  • Moreover, we have moisture reading equipment to discern water in places you would not know
  • Our main water damage restoration services are water damage restoration and mitigation on an emergency basis, drying and dehumidification, mold and asbestos remediation, temporary power and HVAC services, and contents restoration

Along with our impeccable services, we have the best professionals to dispense these services. With on the toes thinking and sharp reflexes, our men have facilitated an acceptable image of Demolition 4 Less in the minds of our customers. Give us a chance to serve you and we promise, you will never regret it!

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