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Demolition 4 Less is a one-stop-shop for all your demolition and asbestos removal services related concerns. With our services, now in Parramatta, our family of customers is only getting bigger and bigger. When one customer likes our work, he is bound to appreciate us in front of the others. This is how our family has gotten so large.

Our standing in this business is of a decade long and most of our customers are with us through word of mouth. This is commendable as they are with us because they believe in us, and in our services. We offer our demolition services in Parramatta and in fact in all parts of the country.

Is demolition important?

Having demolition done on the structures that have now turned old is crucial. Remodelling and changing the look of a building, occasionally, is appealing and moreover safe. Some buildings only appear to be strong however due to awful foundation, it may collapse. Apart from that if you have recently bought a property, you may want to demolish it and build one of your own. A lot of planning goes under deconstructing your structure. And for a successful demolition, there can be no place better than Demolition 4 Less.

Some common ways to demolish a property:


Various implosives are fit at various points in the building for the property to be demolished in one take. It is one of the most dramatic ways to demolish a property. However, a lot of work goes under planning the place for the implosive.

High reach arm:

High reach arm is a substitute to implosion and is used on huge and gigantic buildings. This technique is used on concrete, masonry, and steel. The base of this machine is an excavator and the arm above is telescopic and has tools for demolition attached like a hammer. This machine is successful in removing huge pieces and bits of the structure trembling down, eventually sorting them for the disposal.

Wrecking ball:

One of the oldest and most used methods of demolishing a structure. You must have widely seen it in movies. Mostly used for concrete and other masonry structures. Crane operators who are well-versed in its operation should operate the wrecking ball.

Selective Demolition:

Selective demolition uses more labour in comparison with other types of demolition. It is also called an interior demolition. In selective demolition, building scrap theta can be recycled and is separated from other materials that cannot be. This reduces waste and can be said to be eco-friendly as it results in reducing carbon footprints.

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Something more about Selective Demolition

Selective demolition is the best option for strong and sound buildings. But there are ideal situations under which Selective demolition should be considered.

  • When a building needs slight alterations
  • To preserve historic buildings
  • Remodelling and renovations of the interiors of a building
  • Removal of asbestos or mould or any other harmful/hazardous substance
  • Additions in the existing home. For example: adding a bedroom in the already existing house for accommodating a guest
  • Extension of an entire building
  • To remove stairwells
  • To remove roofs
  • To strip out a building
  • When the demolished site is to be converted into something extremely different. For example: constructing a building in the place of an old factory
  • During site clean-ups

Demolition 4 Less believes in quality work and has been maintaining a standard for more than a decade. Our demolition services in Parramatta have sets an undefeatable standard. Call us or leave a message with us and we will get back to you in no time!

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