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Demolition 4 Less holds more than 10 years of experience in providing demolition services in North Sydney. Our team pays attention to all corners of the demolition site to provide you with the best solutions and advice. We prioritise highest quality services and customer satisfaction to grow and evolve more in the demolition services field.

Guide to demolishing a house in North Sydney

House demolishing can be intimidating for the one experiencing it for the first time. Here are few residential demolishing hacks to increase the success rate of your demolishing process:

1. Choose your demolition method:

Demolition process can be carried out in various ways. Two most used processes are mechanical process and deconstruction process.

2. A. Mechanical Process This kind of demolition is heavy duty and requires heavy mechanics like hydraulic excavators and more. It is the cheapest and fastest mode of carrying out the demolition process.

B. Deconstruction Process- Deconstruction is popularly known as Green Demolition or demolition by hand. In this type of demolition mode, the motive is to save as much as material possible to reuse.

3. Research for the best contractor:

When you look for demolition contractors in North Sydney, ensure that your contractor is licensed and has all required equipment to carry out the demolishing process. Demolition 4 Less is one such known demolition service providers with professional and licensed contractors to serve the purpose with perfection.

4. Inspect your house:

Ask your contractor to inspect the house first for demolition. If your house was built before 1990, there are high chances that your house will have asbestos material which when disturbed by demolition can lead to life risk and health problems. Other hazardous materials your house may contain is lead paint, mold and rotten wood that needs to be treated before demolition.

5. Apply for necessary permits:

Demolition of any property requires permission from local governing authority. Without a permit or NOC Demolition 4 Less experts do not begin the demolition process. You need to submit your new house plan with the authority and seek permission even for expansion of property.

6. Take proper safety measure:

We ensure to clear your demolition site before the process begins. Disconnect all the utilities like gas, electricity, pipeline, and sewage lines. Surrounding supply of electricity and gas can be damaged if the utilities are active during the demolition process that can risk lives of all in the area.

7. Ensure safety of other in the area

Inform your neighbourhood about the demolition process and look out for zones on the site where barricades are necessary. It is always safe to inform your neighbours and ask for their cooperation with noise and the mess till the process is complete.

8. Look around for things that you don’t use anymore

While clearing the site for demolition, you may find a lot of materials that you don’t use anymore or are not in good condition. The best tip to make good use out of this is, work with contractors and look for ways to reuse or recycle the material.

9. Demolition Process:

After taking all the measures you can proceed with the demolition process in the area. It will take 3-4 days of demolition depending on the area.

10. Clean up:

Once the demolition process is complete, we clear the area by dumping the leftovers and rubbles.

Demolition 4 Less is one of leading demolition service providers in North Sydney. Visit our website or call us at 02 8880 0726 to talk to our experts anytime.

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Demolition methods available at Demolition 4 Less

There are many demolition methods used across Alexandria. Following are four types of demolition methods our experts specialises in and is used according to the areas and equipment needs:

1. Manual Demolition:

Manual Demolition includes use of hand tools like hammers, sledges, and picks. Manual demolition can be risky due to falling objects, chemical hazardous and noise.

2. Mechanical demolition:

Mechanical demolition, also known as Green Demolition, is use of power tool equipment like excavators, bulldozer, cranes and more. It is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to demolish the property.

3. Induced Collapse:

Outside force is applied on the demolition site to collapse the property. This type of demolition should be only used on detached and isolated property.

Using explosives:

Use of explosives is defined as high risk areas. This type of demolition process should always be handled by experienced and experts.

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