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Looking for demolition experts in Maroubra? Demolition 4 Less is your one-stop destination for all your demolition services. We provide demolition services in site decontamination, asbestos clearance and more. Our team uses the latest technology to meet your expectations on time. We focus on every little thing on the demolition site to ensure your and neighbouring’s safety.

When should you think about demolishing a house?

Are you confused whether you should demolish your Maroubra housing property or not? Are you not sure whether your plot needs to be demolished? Do not worry! We have got you covered with all the information that you need to plan your demolition:

  1. Your property cannot be repaired
  2. If the foundation of your house is beyond repair and has already lost its strength to stand tall. This is a high time for you to consider demolishing your property. Properties standing tall for more than 10 years is risky as it can collapse anytime damaging yours and neighbouring property. Inspect your house carefully to understand whether you must demolish the house or not.
  3. Illegal construction
  4. Many buildings are built on land that violates the local building code. It is a common practise of building a property on the land without consulting local authorities or experts. This can be an expensive loss because building a house takes months but demolishing it because of violating local building code is a nightmare.
  5. You want to renovate your house
  6. Everyone has a dream house planned. If you want to change the look of your house from the scratch, you must consider demolishing the property. Before you demolish your property to build a new one, make sure to take permission from local governing authorities.
  7. If you want to sell the property
  8. As time passes your property investment rates too increase. If you want to sell your property, you can opt to demolish the present house because an empty plot is always a lucrative spot for the buyers.
  9. Presence of Asbestos
  10. If your building is present on a plot before 1990 then there is a high chance of presence of asbestos in the building. To avoid your health and life risks you can demolish the asbestos present area and preserve the rest of the house.
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Types of demolition methods

There are many demolition methods used across Maroubra. Following are four types of demolition methods used according to the areas and equipment needs:

  1. Manual Demolition: Use of hand tools like hammers, sledges, and picks while the demolition process is known as manual demolition. This type of demolition can be risky considering the collapse, falls, falling objects, handling exposure to noise and chemical hazards.
  2. Mechanical demolition: Mechanical demolition includes power tool equipment like excavators, bulldozer, cranes and more. This type of demolition is the cheapest and the fastest way to complete the process.
  3. Induced Collapse: Induced collapse is a systematic removal of home structure by applying outside force for the house to collapse. This type of demolition should be only used on detached and isolated property.
  4. Using explosives: Using explosives for demolition of any property must be conducted by an experienced person. The use of explosives for demolition is always defined as high risk areas.
Whether it is demolition of property for renovation or sale, Demolition 4 Less has a solution to all your needs. We provide our customers high quality services and guarantee of customer satisfaction. From using mechanical demolition to explosives for demolition our team is experienced and highly skilled in demolition properties. Visit our website to avail a free quote now.
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