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Excellent demolition services with Demolition 4 Less

Demolition 4 Less is a leading company for all kinds of demolition services at Lidcombe. We have a team of high calibre professionals who have mastered the techniques of our services and that they will never compromise at any job in hand. That is a promise that Demolition 4 Less makes to their customers. It is because we have all the faith in our contractors who are an inseparable part of our business and have been there with us throughout these years.

With over a decade’s experience in asbestos removal services, we have become a company that everyone in the country is aware of. Our sheer hard work with high standards and a team of witty professionals have been a reason for our unbeatable success in this business.

Demolition 4 Less’s motto

Demolition 4 Less is a business who deeply cares about the future generations. Our business of removal of asbestos is a step towards creating a safe and sound environment for the future. Asbestos if allowed to be accumulated for a long time, breathing this asbestos can cause serious illnesses. We are affectionate towards you and do all that is possible to assure your well-being.

Here is our motto:

  • We pledge to provide 100% guarantee on all our asbestos-related services. This is because we work with utmost precision and keep our tabs on all details
  • We have the state-of-the-art equipment only to provide seamless services without any hindrances
  • We believe in the concept of ‘imparting knowledge’. The more knowledge you give to others, the more you receive. We always want our clients to know all the details of regarding our services or planning and execution
  • The most important of all, keep you and our men at work, safe. It is only because of you and our professionals we have been able to stand the test of times. Hence, it is our responsibility to protect you at all costs
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How do we go about the demolition?

If there is any presence of asbestos in any property that is destined to be demolished, you can contact Demolition 4 Less because we provide the leading demolition services in Lidcombe. Not only are we perfect at what we do but are also punctual and value time. Timing is important to tap as if any procedure is delayed by even a second, the repercussions can be dangerous. Hence, striking the right chord at the right time is indispensable.

  • We are licensed to remove asbestos and our team that caters to demolition will take measures to remove asbestos as per procedure
  • We strictly work as per the New South Wales mandate and comply with all the norms
  • The demolition services that we provide include the removal of all the materials present on the site
  • On the first-hand basis, we approve the disposal location and certificate for asbestos clearance and decontamination of the site
  • You can get in touch with us at any point in time and we assure a quick revert ensuring to serve your purpose

At Demolition 4 Less, customers are our biggest asset. More valuable than our equipment. Because if there are no opportunities for us to render our services, we would not need equipment. We have testimonials of our happy clients on our website. This happy feedback is our motivation to work hard and perform better every day.

Why don’t you get in touch with us or you could send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We promise you; we are concerned for you!

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