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Local asbestos removal in Western Sydney

We at Demolition 4 Less, believe that ‘Health is Wealth’. Hence, we ensure that people in and around Western Sydney are in perfect shape and health. Asbestos inhalation causes many severe problems, and its fatality can lead to death. Therefore, asbestos removal becomes a vital task that is associated with so many lives in the country.

Demolition 4 Less has a team of diligent and industrious contractors who have been working with us for more than a decade. We not only have immense faith in them, but we assure you, they will never compromise with their work. Trust and hard work are the two important factors on which we have built our foundation.

Types of Asbestos

At Demolition 4 Less, we believe in equipping our customers with the knowledge we possess. Hence, here is a sneak-peak on the types of asbestos that our teams dispose of all the time.

  1. Chrysotile:
    • Also called ‘White asbestos’.
    • Frequently used in roofs, walls, ceilings, and floors. Almost 90% application
    • Limited use is still permissible in some countries It can be hazardous in nature however more exposure can lead to an illness
  2. Amosite:
    • Referred to as Grunerite, its mineral name
    • Amosite are used in insulation boards, cement sheets, thermal plumbing, roofing products, fire protection and much more
    • Exposure to this type of asbestos, can pose a major threat of developing cancer
  3. Crocidolite:
    • This type of asbestos, has extremely thin fibres
    • When inhaled, it will be stuck in the lungs for a long time. The fibres do not break down easily as they are thin
    • Hence, there are high chances of lung and abdominal cancer
    • Causes more deaths than any other type of asbestos
    • Also called as ‘blue asbestos’
  4. Tremolite:
    • This type of asbestos has great commercial properties like insulation, flexibility, strength, and heat resistance
    • Found in green, grey, brown, and white colors and is transparent
    • Universally used in roofing and plumbing
    • Made up of elements like magnesium, oxygen, silicon, hydrogen, and calcium
    • Miners who mine for talc can be exposed to this type of asbestos
  5. Anthophyllite:
    • This type of asbestos is non-commercial in nature
    • Has the capability to cause diseases, but the risk is low
    • Used in talc and talc related products/materials
  6. Actinolite:
    • The name originates from a Greek word ‘aktinos’ meaning a ray or a beam
    • Found in grey, white, brown, and green colors
    • Made up of elements like magnesium, oxygen, calcium, iron, hydrogen, and silicon
    • Used in construction, gardening, and fire proofing
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What do we promise?
We promise to provide the best asbestos removal services in Western Sydney. We have a huge responsibility of making sure of the harmless environment. We have been delivering a sound environment to all our customers since our inception and that we will stop at nothing. Our relentless attitude towards our work, towards our customers is what we promise.

Moreover, we also promise 100% customer satisfaction. We like to see our customers happy and do all that it takes to see their smiling faces. When you give us an opportunity to serve you, we will make sure, we justify the task at hand and ultimately provide a toxic free environment.

Furthermore, we promise a 100% guarantee on all our asbestos services. We have never found a company giving a cent percent guarantee on their services. But we do because we are not only equipped with the latest technology/equipment but also have people who can very well operate/ handle this technology. So, come, join hands with Demolition 4 Less, regarding all your asbestos related problems in Western Sydney.
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