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We at Demolition 4 Less are a hand-picked team of able professionals who have given their best to make our company stand out. With over ten years’ experience, our standing in the business is bestowed upon us by our customers who have given us an opportunity to serve them in Randwick.

We are the best asbestos removal company in Australia that provide services in Randwick and all the other parts of the country. Our services are unmatchable and planned and tailored according to a customer’s needs. We are prompt in provisioning our services with the help of our sharp and quick-witted professionals.

Discover the history of asbestos in Australia with us
  • Australia has a rich history with asbestos. Manufacturing of asbestos was one of the major businesses in Australia
  • Despite the fact, it was illegal, there was a rampant production and the usage of asbestos
  • Finally, in 2003, it was banned by the government
  • Asbestos remained and remains very accepted and demanded among construction companies
  • Australia implemented policies and norms to restrict the use of asbestos and give power to only certain people to use it
  • Asbestos has various types and training became compulsory for anyone to handle asbestos
  • Numerous control measures were undertaken at grinding and drilling to stop the mineral from entering the environment
  • Inhaling asbestos can be dangerous, hence, only trained contractors with proper safety kit and equipment are permissible to deal with asbestos
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Removal procedures for Asbestos
  • It is always necessary to wear protective kit and carry equipment
  • Double triples wrap the material that you have removed into strong plastic bags that read ‘ASBESTOS’ on the bag
  • All that you wear while removing asbestos, must be safely disposed of. Hence, your clothes, personal equipment, and all other materials used must be disposed
  • Find a council that will accept the disposal before you carry out the procedure. Going on for a search after the procedure makes no sense as materials must be disposed immediately
  • Safely place the plastic packet containing asbestos in the back of a vehicle, where the bumps may not slide the content in the packet or bag
However, it is always safe to hire a professional from Demolition 4 Less, as they are trained and carry work with full precision and safety.

Can one remove asbestos himself?
  • An individual who does not have the license to deal with hazardous minerals like asbestos, can remove following a few steps with definite safety
  • The area permissible for a non-licensed individual is 10 m2
  • Property owners are usually allowed to remove small amounts of asbestos themselves; the cause is not endorsed by the government due to its harmful nature
  • There are safety practices that one must not ignore
  • If the asbestos is not removed properly, it can pose serious issues to them, their family, and their neighbours
Asbestos can be extremely dangerous when let into the environment. If you happen to work in a facility or an office that has asbestos, following safety procedures becomes vital. The problem starts if anyone inhales it. If you have inhaled asbestos with thin fibres, you will be at higher risk of contracting illnesses related to lungs. Hence, it is advisable to wear masks at these places since you would not want those fibres to enter your respiratory tract and disturb the functioning of your respiratory system.

Demolition 4 Less works in the direction to protect all the people in Australia from breathing asbestos. We understand the fatality that has caused severe problems in the environment and with human beings. So, we advise you to not handle asbestos on your own. Besides, give us a call and let us know of your situation. We will do free site inspection and devise a plan in accordance with the presence of asbestos.
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