Asbestos Removal Maroubra

Asbestos removal accompanied by coronavirus clean-up services in Maroubra

Demolition 4 Less is a company that not only dispenses excellent services but also has professionals that will justify every task in hand. We have the best team for asbestos removalists in Maroubra, who also if asked, inspect the area or property. Our customers have full faith in us, and they very well know, we will never let their belief die.

How do we go about asbestos removal?

We provide various services in Maroubra. Our asbestos removal services are performed by practiced and educated contractors who have sharp reflexes and have mastered their stream of service. The attitude that these asbestos removalists carry at work, is something to learn from. They are extremely helpful, humble, and polite. They various services that we provide are:

  • Asbestos testing
  • Asbestos removal and disposal
  • Mold removal
  • Coronavirus clean-up services
  • Residential demolition
  • Water damage restoration
How are we different from others?

Firstly, demolition 4 Less, is standing from a decade with vast experience in asbestos-related services.

  • Secondly, we are licensed to provide all microbes related services.
  • Thirdly, our fundamental goal is to see our customers content with our services. Therefore, we provide affordable and competitive rates while delivering the best services in the country
  • Furthermore, we have our own formulated ethics that promotes healthy relationships with our clients
  • Moreover, we provide 100% guarantee on all our services in Maroubra because we just don’t walk the talk, but we will live up to all your expectations
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Our equipment is up to date with today’s technology. We take proper care of them making sure to replace them after they have worn or depreciated

Demolition 4 Less strictly complies within the mandate by New South Wales (NSW) government

We are a fully insured company

What is Coronavirus?
Coronavirus is declared to be a pandemic by The World Health Organisation. It is a rampant spread of viruses in mammals including human beings, that cause respiratory disorders. It has never been identified in human beings until the year 2019.

Coronavirus clean-up services
Our team at Demolition 4 Less, is very capable to deliver our services even in the times of crisis. Our team takes all the necessary precautions while sanitising all the areas suspected to have the virus. We have set protocols that we always follow to ensure the safety of men at work and those around them. We would never put anyone in danger and that is our promise because that is what we do. To maintain the reputation of any place, be it, gyms, schools, offices, we maintain privacy.

  • Coronavirus can live on for weeks on surfaces. In accordance with the nature of the virus, demolition 4 Less has planned the clean-up services.
  • We ensure deep cleaning of the area with constant fogging at all the touchpoints, equipment, floors, walls, and surfaces
  • We adapt to your site requirement with the help of our latest machinery to make your surrounding germ-free
  • Decontamination is a continuous process in this pandemic and should be carried regularly to ensure the safety of the people working or living there
  • An expert who is well-trained for such situations must be readily contacted and we at Demolition 4 Less, have such experts that will help you throughout
  • Our experts always carry their protection kits and follow proper procedures
  • The handling of the virus is done with utmost professionalism
  • Our teammates keep on updating you regarding their procedures at every step ensuring you are kept in the loop
  • For us to stop the virus from further spreading, we also disseminate all the necessary information to our customers
Give us an opportunity to help you serve and protect you from this deadly virus. Get in touch with us!
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