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We, at Demolition 4 Less, are a team of diligent and astute professionals who have been in the asbestos removal industry for a decade now. We have garnered the strength to stand tall in this industry because we believe strongly in our work. We are the top names in Australia that genuinely care for the future generations and have directed our efforts to ensure a safe and sound environment.

We offer an array of asbestos services. Our competent contractors, with a decade’s experience, know their work very well and serve the purpose efficiently. We inspect, test and in accordance with the tests, decide the removal technique leading to the ultimate, disposal. The reason we run tests is to make sure there is zero accumulation left that can further grow and cause threat to human life.

Why Would You Choose Us?

Demolition 4 Less is a completely licensed asbestos removal company providing services in Lidcombe. Apart from that, we have all the required equipment that we use daily in order to remove the harmful amount of asbestos. Our techniques have improved with years of experience and have been working on our skills since our inception.

  • Removal of asbestos can be an extremely dangerous task. Hence, we always want to ensure that you have someone who is proficient enough for this task
  • Apart from being, licensed, we are also fully insured
  • What’s more? We provide a 100% guarantee on all the work we promise to carry out
What Services Do We Provide?

We at Demolition 4 Less, are a company that have mastered the art of making the environment asbestos free. Now, what is important, is to ensure the safety of the people while we carry such tasks. Hence, safety comes first for us. And we will not compromise the safety of our customers at any cost. Come what may!

At Demolition 4 Less, we have a group of excellent and capable contractors whose expertise is unmatchable. We have worked enough for us to provide our customers an array of services:

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Asbestos Testing:
We offer our services in Lidcombe. If you need to get your areas checked or tested for asbestos, you can readily call us. We can then get to testing and collect asbestos samples. Sometimes, our customers collect the samples themselves after having a detailed conversation on the know-how’s. We need to take care of some aspects beforehand. For example: The size of the sample should be around 20-piece cents for an accurate reading.

Asbestos Disposal:
We dispose of asbestos at an extremely affordable rate. All the disposal that we carry out, we are authorised by the NSW Government. We collect asbestos from over 1 kg to 1000 kg for disposal.

Residential Demolition:
If you have a property that is further going to be demolished and contains asbestos in small or high numbers, we can come to the site for asbestos removal. Contact us for a free consultation.

Mould Removal:
Demolition 4 Less has capable professionals whose skill set lies in a variety of tasks. Few assigned team members dedicate all their time to the removal of mould.

Water Damage Restoration:
A quick restoring of damaged buildings due to water is vital. We have an established team of professionals who help our customers to restore their building.

Customers are our priority. Everything we do is for our customers. Hence, there is a question of a trade-off for safety of our beloved customers. Due to this, our customers have immense faith in us and trust us with all our work.

Asbestos can be harmful if present, more than naturally prescribed. Hence, removal becomes important and during such an emergency, Demolition 4 Less, is your go-to-help for all your asbestos removal services in Lidcombe!
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