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Asbestos Removal in Lane Cove by Fully Insured Asbestos Removalist

It is unfortunate but true that many buildings in Australia still contain asbestos. So, removing this material is a top priority for both commercial and residential property owners, who want to ensure the health of their family or staff members. Now, if you want to remove the harmful asbestos from your property and looking for a good asbestos removalist in Lane Cove, then you can consider Demolition 4 Less.

Our experience lies in the safe removal of asbestos. Being fully certified, reliable, and insured, we can go above and beyond the Australian safety and legislation requirements for removing asbestos. We are experts in working with commercial, industrial, and domestic clients and we are also proud of offering complete and intensive service with superior results.

Asbestos removalists you can trust:

While working with asbestos, maintaining attention to every detail is important. Therefore, at Demolition 4 Less, we only employ the most experienced and qualified technicians, who are well trained in this field and are compliant with the New South Wales government compliance. So, safety is the top priority of our team members. Unlike other asbestos removal firms, we hold both class A and B asbestos removal licenses. Therefore, you can choose us to remove, examine, and dispose of different kinds of asbestos responsibly and effectively.

As a professional asbestos removalist, we have the necessary experience for demolishing the buildings safely and removing the asbestos. Besides, we can also remediate the sites, remove the little amount of asbestos, which are found on the surface or that are buried under the concrete or soil. Our service is always backed up by unparalleled treatment practices, ongoing innovation, asbestos handling experience, strong compliance, and national reach.

As an expert asbestos removalist in Lane Cove, we know how important it is to be organised and aware of the surroundings. So, before we start the job, we always ensure that your neighbours are informed formally about the process in writing so that they can follow the recommended precautions like sealing off windows and doors. And when removing the asbestos from the sites, we cover the relevant floors with heavy-duty plastic sheets and the access of the visitors, residents, and pets are restricted inside the property during the process.
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While offering asbestos removal service, we maintain the safety measures like:

  1. Training, certification, and health monitoring of the removal technicians of our company
  2. Preparation of the planning for asbestos removal control
  3. Supervision of the job by a trained supervisor
  4. Display of limited access and safety signage to the area
  5. Hazard identification and air monitoring
  6. Use of the personal protective equipment ranges.
  7. Selecting dry or wet removal methods based on the job requirements.
  8. Decontamination
  9. Waste containment and disposal
Importance of safe asbestos removal:

In the late 1980s, Asbestos worked as a common building material used in Australian industrial buildings, offices, and homes. But soon asbestos was declared as harmful as the dust of this material or carcinogen causes harmful effects while inhaling. This dust releases when asbestos fibres are broken up or disturbed. And therefore, it became important to remove the asbestos safely before demolishing the building. And only a licensed operator will help you to remove the asbestos effectively and then transport it into a safe facility.

At Demolition 4 Less, we specialise in safely removing, carrying, and transporting the asbestos to the EPA-approved facility. And we strictly follow all the government regulations related to asbestos removal service and we also attend to the legal notification regarding demolition. So, by choosing us, you can be confident that we will handle each aspect of the asbestos removal job safely while protecting the demolition site and the adjoining areas. If you want us to handle and remove the asbestos from your property, then give us a call at 0451 856 382 or send us an email at We will assist you readily.
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