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Asbestos is still present in many homes, businesses, and industrial properties in Guildford. The majority of the structures built before 1993 often contain asbestos. So, if you want to ensure the safety of your property, then you should remove asbestos from it as early as possible. And we can help you with it. We are one of the expert asbestos removal service providers, who specialise in offering site assessment and removal of asbestos from different properties. During the assessment, we point out all the areas in the properties that include asbestos-containing products. After that, we measure up all the suspected asbestos-containing materials for their removal and disposal.

Fully licensed asbestos removalists you can trust:

At Demolition 4 Less, we perform asbestos removal service in and around Guildford for many years. And we perform the jobs maintaining all the safety protocols so that the removal job completes without hassle. So, contact us for removing asbestos professionally without doing it on your own to ensure the complete safety of everyone residing on your property and the neighbours. You can trust us as we remove asbestos regularly.

We know asbestos must be removed with proper safety. So, we follow the state-of-the-art methods and use the latest tools and equipment ranges for performing the removal job professionally within the mentioned time frame. Besides, the team members of our company work carefully with the property owners and other local authorities to ensure that the properties are successfully free from asbestos.

Our services include a safe and effective asbestos removal process for commercial properties. And to do this, we can meet you on the commercial site to offer an on-site assessment regarding the removal process to find out whether any further asbestos checking is needed. In case the property needs demolition, then it can also be performed at the same time of removal to save both labour costs and time. With our expertise, we can work on shop fit outs, warehouses, hospitals, schools, offices, factories, and large commercial sites.
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Few reasons to choose us:
  1. We have the experience: At Demolition 4 Less, we have years of experience and expertise in dealing with different types of asbestos removal and disposal services. We are based in Guildford and have an extensive history of offering this service. To date, we have removed asbestos from many small and large residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

  2. We have an unrivalled reputation in this industry: Our experience and expertise in removing asbestos from commercial, industrial, and residential properties have offered us an unrivalled reputation. People choose us as the go-to company for the upfront pricing and no-fuss attitude while removing asbestos. As a result, we get many satisfied customers.

  3. We are highly compliant and fully licensed: We think you must not take risks when it comes to removing or disposing of asbestos. So, we do this job for you as highly compliant and fully licensed to offer you complete peace of mind.
We make you ready for the asbestos removal:

When you decide to remove asbestos from your property and choose us for this purpose, we begin with preparing the site. After that, we remove the asbestos successfully and dispose of them carefully. In case of the site air monitoring, then we conduct clearance inspections on the site before and after the removal and clean-up is done. The areas of your property from where we can remove the asbestos are:

  • Kitchen- Flooring, splashbacks, ceilings, walls
  • Bathrooms- Walls, ceilings, flooring
  • Laundry- Walls, ceilings, flooring
  • Walls- External cladding, internal linings
  • Floor- Vinyl floor tiles, tile underlay, sheet vinyl
  • Roof- Shingles, corrugated sheeting
  • Fencing- Profiled sheeting, corrugated sheeting
  • Electrical switchboards
So, if you need the assistance of an experienced asbestos removalist from your property, then call us at 0451 856 382. Besides, you can send us an email at to get no-obligation quotes for the asbestos removing needs.
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