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Reliable Services for Asbestos Removal in Granville

We at Demolition 4 Less have been working in the business of removing asbestos from your homes for years. The size of your project is not that important for us. We would work with equal concentration on the same. You can always get in touch with us, and we would offer you a quote that cannot be beaten by any other company in the region in this industry. It is for these reasons that we are the top name for asbestos removal at Granville.

A few words about our business
  • Our services are immensely professional.
  • You can always rely on us to provide you full worth for the money that you have invested in us.
  • We can remove all kinds of asbestos.
  • The size of your house is immaterial for us.
  • Our team comprises experienced professionals who are completely dedicated to the work that they are doing.
  • They have all the certifications and licenses that are necessary for doing such work.
  • We adhere to all the rules and regulations that have been laid down by the New South Wales Government for removing and handling asbestos.
  • We use the newest techniques of construction.
  • We also use the best materials for such work.
How do we make a difference to your project?
  • We have great knowledge of the workings of the industry.
  • We know that every asbestos situation is a unique one.
  • Therefore, our team is so committed to offering you the kind of personalised service that is needed to solve your situation.
  • This includes the entire spectrum of work that we do in a project starting from the initial testing to the final removal of the asbestos.
  • We are efficient and quick.
  • You can be sure that our service would not cause you any stress.
  • It is because of these reasons that we are the top name for asbestos removal at Granville.
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The way that we approach our work
We offer asbestos testing services across the metropolitan area. So, if you want to get any asbestos testing services, we will send a team to get the sample. If you can get the sample yourself, you can do so as well. However, it must be around the size of a 20-cent piece – otherwise, we would not get proper results. You must double bag the sample by putting it in a bag with a seal lock feature and call our team to go and pick up the same. If you want, you can send it to our testing lab by post – it would be cheaper.

We would perform the test at a lab that has been accredited by NSW (New South Wales) NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities). We would mail you the results within 24-48 hours. However, if you need, we can offer express testing services too. In case of positive results, we would offer you a quote as well. They would be quick and competitive. If your home is not within 50 km of the CBD (central business district) we would levy extra charges. We would remove asbestos from every part of your home such as floor, walls, roofs, and tiles provided you have asbestos in your premises. We would offer you the best asbestos removal at Granville for sure.

A friendly service provider

So, if you want a service provider who helps you with removing asbestos from your property just like your best friend would you need to contact us. We would guide you at every step of the way in such a manner that you have complete clarity regarding the project. Feel free to call us up at 0451 856 382, drop an email at You can also visit our offices at 3/1A Raglan Rd Auburn, NSW 2144 Australia.
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