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Due to the gradual rise in population, especially after the Second World War, a lot of new houses were built at that time. One unfortunate after-effect of such construction was the usage of cheap building products that contained so much asbestos fibre. Therefore, there is such demand for asbestos removal at Fairfield these days.

When is our work important?

There are plenty of areas in your home that could contain such asbestos, especially in houses made after the 1940s. This includes the likes of fibro panels, eaves, insulation, roof tiles, and vinyl-backed tiles, to name a few. If your house is old then there is a high chance that your home would have a lot of products, which contain asbestos.

The guidelines of the NSW Government
  • The NSW (New South Wales) Government has stringent rules and regulations for such work.
  • As the leading asbestos removalist at Fairfield, we always adhere to the same.
  • It states the don’ts and dos rather clearly in these cases.
  • Therefore, you need the assistance of professionals such as us.
A few words regarding our business
  • We are a local business.
  • We have worked on plenty of projects in this time.
  • Apart from removing the asbestos from your property, we can dispose of it safely as well.
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The kind of services that we can offer to you in this regard
  • We are the best asbestos removalist in the region and so there is nothing that we cannot do in this regard.
  • Our team members are highly skilled in such work.
  • We also equip them with the latest training so that they can do their work carefully.
  • Once we have finished working at your home and cleaned up you would not have to worry about its air or mineral quality
The stages of our work

We follow three main procedures as part of our work. We first inspect your property and check the structures to see if there is any asbestos in them. We would also test areas where you have a hunch that there may be some asbestos, but you are not sure. Our technicians always carry the newest equipment that is needed to take samples that would be tested to confirm the presence of asbestos in your property or otherwise. Then we will provide you an estimate. Please remember that the costs tend to vary. This is especially when huge parts of your home have asbestos in them.

We need proper testing at your home to ascertain how much work we must do in removing the asbestos and disposing of it safely. This attention to detail makes us the top asbestos removalist in the region. Finally, we start the removal work. We start work after you provide us with the green signal. We primarily aim to contain the asbestos and prevent its spread to other parts of your property. Once we secure the areas, we use the best equipment to remove the same. This guarantees the best asbestos removal you could have ever hoped for.

We are here to assist you

So, if you feel that you need a helping hand for asbestos removal at Fairfield, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can be sure that the size of the project would not be important for us. You would also be surprised at the kind of quality we offer despite our low prices. You can call us at 0451 856 382 or send us an email at You may also visit our office at 3/1A Raglan Rd Auburn, NSW 2144 Australia.
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