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Safe Asbestos Removal Services in Coogee

If you are at the risk of asbestos exposure at your workplace or home, then you must get it removed as early as possible. Asbestos played a major role in the mid-19th century construction and even after it was banned in 2003, Australians suffered severely from asbestos exposure. This toxic substance is mainly used in manufacturing and often found in furniture, piping, flooring, insulation, and other sections of building development.

There are several things that you can do to prevent or reduce the harsh effects of asbestos contamination in your property in Coogee. One of these things is to seek the assistance of a professional like us for a secured asbestos removal service. We can successfully test and remove the asbestos to decrease the risk of contamination. We do not consider any condition as less impactful and therefore we always aim to put your mind at ease.

With years of experience in this field, our company is made of a team of professional operatives, who specialise in operating according to the Australian codes of practice and the standards. Each member of our team is nationally accredited and highly trained. So, by choosing us as the professional asbestos removalist, you can have a guaranteed satisfaction and complete peace of mind. Besides, once we complete our service, we offer the relevant clearance documents to you along with the updated asbestos register to reflect the job performed. To date, we have worked with different regulatory bodies and private and government authorities for developing approved codes of safe-work procedures and approved codes of practice. And these things have helped us to maintain a great reputation and a strong profile in this industry.

How do we work?

At Demolition 4 Less, we leave no stone unturned for ensuring the asbestos removal jobs are completed while causing minimal interruptions to the daily undertakings or jobs. When you seek our assistance for asbestos removal, we start our job by sending a supervisor to your property to evaluate and measure up the materials that need to be removed.
  • First, we test the building to identify the presence of the material (asbestos) in the roof or the walls before conducting a thorough examination in the laboratory for finding out the toxins.
  • After that, we offer a non-obligated and free quote to you based on that inspection.
  • Once you accept and agree to the quote along with the method statement and task-specific risk assessment.
  • Our experts will visit your premise for complete removal and disposal of the harmful material.
  • After the removal is complete, our experts will conduct a clearance inspection to ensure the quality of the service before handing your property over to you.
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How are we different?

Being an expert in the removal and disposal of asbestos, we consider it especially important to offer you a transparent quote and service to every property owner in Coogee, who contacts us. Apart from offering the service, we also offer you clear insights regarding the devaluation of the premises because of the asbestos and how this material can be a big risk to the residents of the property and the residents nearby. We know every situation is different. Therefore, we always prefer to talk to the property owners in detail to decide the best options for each situation.

We also know that asbestos removal is a hazardous job. So, our team members vacate the site properly and seal the internal doors before offering the service. Besides, they also leave the external windows and doors open to promote ventilation during the removal service. Except for that, each team member of our company comes well equipped with the right professional tools and safety gear for performing the job safely and thoroughly.

So, if you are looking for a professional asbestos removal service, you can call us at 0451 856 382. Or you can email us at Once you contact us, we would put your worries to rest.
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