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Every asbestos removal project we do comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Every contractor at Demolition 4 Less
ensures struct compliance with the New South Wales Government guidelines on handling and removing asbestos.
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Demolition 4 Less offers experienced professional contractors that can complete a range of asbestos services. From inspection and testing to removal and disposal, we have the team to get the job done. We also offer site demolition for both residential homes and commercial or industrial properties. We service all of Greater Sydney including inner city CBD, Eastern suburbs, Western suburbs, North and South. When you contract our team you have the complete peace of mind knowing we are backed by years of experience and all the necessary license as required by the NSW Goverment. Your safety is always of paramount important. We ensure to engage every onsite safety protocol when dealing with asbestos removal projects. Upon inspection we will identify the locations that need removing and ensure that no deadly carcinogenic fibres are released. We will engage air monitoring throughout the process. and provide a clearance certificate once the site has been decontaminated.

Leading Asbestos Removal Services in Alexandria

With experience of more than 10 years, Demolition 4 Less has managed to become a local household name for asbestos removal. We strive to build an asbestos free community with our team who carries passion and desire for their work.
Asbestos Removal needs proper planning, and one must not handle asbestos by self. If you prefer to do DIY asbestos removal, you must strictly follow the following process suggested by the Government of Australia.

How to DIY Asbestos Removal in Alexandria?
DIY Asbestos removal is highly not recommended and is considered illegal in some states. In the Australian Capital Territory, asbestos removal must be carried out by experts however, in other states and territory a non-licensed individual is allowed to carry to remove non-friable asbestos if the area is less than 10 metre square.

Checklist to DIY Asbestos removal

  1. Right equipment:
  2. To conduct a proper and safe asbestos removal process you must have right equipment that includes PPE Kit, plastic sheet, duct tape, bolt cutters, access to garden hose with a fine nozzle spray, bucket of water, disposable rags, labelled solid asbestos container, and H class vacuum cleaner.

  3. Planning
  4. Decide on your clean area where you want to keep all your equipment, learn of few asbestos removal specialist in your locality, read the environment law regarding asbestos, check the weather outside because if the weather seems windy there is a risk of asbestos dispersion, prepare your work area that is removal of all electrical and gas items, prepare your storage area for waste and do not forget to inform your neighbourhood so that they stay away during the process.

  5. Asbestos removal:
  6. During the process, keep spraying light water or water mixed with detergents in the area. Begin with loosening and removing the nail if any so that asbestos material does not break down, remove the bolts without getting in contact with asbestos material. Carefully remove the lower pieces of asbestos material and put them in an asbestos waste container. Remove the larger pieces of asbestos material by double wrapping then and seal them with duct tape and label it correctly.

  7. Decontamination:
  8. After removal of asbestos material, it is compulsory to decontaminate the area with wet decontamination that is using disposable rags to wipe contaminated area or dry decontamination that involves rolling or folding and sealing contaminated sheets.
Before you remove your PPE, make sure the area is properly decontaminated and vacuum. Remove the respirator last and dispose it carefully with other asbestos waste. Don’t think Asbestos removal is your cup of tea? Hire Demolition 4 Less and save yourself from tedious work because our experts can conduct demolition processes very smoothly.

Why hire an asbestos removal expert?

  1. Competent person- If you are self-handling asbestos or you are hiring a non-licensed individual for asbestos removal, he or she must have necessary knowledge and skills to conduct the removal. It is always advisable that the individual must be industry trained with experience and must have right equipment.
  2. Size of the area- If the asbestos removal area is more than 10 metre square, you must always hire a licensed asbestos removal specialist. Sometimes, a non-licensed individual can carry out the process and is itself dangerous to the health of people living in the surroundings.
  3. No insurance covered-Most of the insurance policies will not take responsibility for health damage done by the asbestos removal. So, before you hire a non-licensed individual, you must understand that you will be liable to pay awfully expensive clean-up costs.
Demolition 4 Less is one of the leading names for asbestos removal and disposal in Alexandria. Our team is highly professional with priority to your safety first. We assure you 100 percent customer satisfaction, hassle-free process and work completed on time.
Reasons to Choose Us
We are fully licensed to demolish these buildings, and have the equipment needed to do so safely.
  • We have ten years of experience, plus we are fully licensed and insured. Asbestos removal has the potential to be an expensive, dangerous undertaking. You need to know you are working with experienced professionals.
  • We offer both removal and demolition services. Whether you need an old asbestos shed or garage taking down, or you just need the asbestos insulation cleared from an otherwise serviceable building, we know exactly how to take care of it.
  • We offer a 100% guarantee on all asbestos work carried out
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Our Testimonials

Demolition4less completed 2 jobs for me at a very good price and most importantly they are professional curtious and super efficient. I have already lined up two more jobs with them..... Thanks boys!

Sandy Williams

    Removed an asbestos fence. Did an excellent job. Would certainly recommend them.

    Don Davey

      Bol and crew have now completed 2 jobs for us. Price was fantastic and most importantly attitude and work ethic was professional and super efficient . What more can one ask for?! I know who I’ll be calling next time..... Thanks boys!


        Great work. Quick response and very supportive. Had a lot of knowledge about asbestos removal works. They performed a good outcome in removing asbestos from my site in seven hills. Definitely using them and highly recommended.

        Sub karki

          Great job done promptly! Really appreciate quick service


            AAA+++ I highly recommend working with these guys. They did a fantastic job of removing all our asbestos during our renovation. They made no mess and the price was very competitive! I would not use any other removal service. Ash


              Needed a reliable asbestos removal team for my mum’s house and they were the only ones that gave me a reasonable quote. Service was quick, thorough and exactly how they explained it to me. Highly recommended!

              Max Holloway, Greendale

                Came home after a vacation to find out that the ceilings in my garage were damaged by the recent storm, which exposed some asbestos which we didn’t even know about. I called Demolition 4 Less and they removed the damaged ceiling the same day. Nice job.

                Melissa Morrison, The Rocks

                  They did a fantastic job on asbestos removal from my living room ceiling. Good service that didn’t cost a fortune! Professional site clean-up afterwards was much appreciated. A+

                  Michael Davey, Balmain

                    First time getting house repairs by a professional asbestos disposal company, so I had a lot of questions. They answered all of them and were gracious enough to explain their rates and quotes. They also gave me daily reports about the progress which added to my peace of mind. This team thinks of everything! Glad to have worked with them.

                    Carly Drew, Potts Point

                      I bought this house a year ago and it was a fixer-upper with many issues. The first thing that I wanted removed were the asbestos from the kitchen and bathroom walls. I called the Demolition 4 Less and they were there the next day. The team is very professional, answered all of my questions and removed the last traces of asbestos from my house in just one day. Couldn’t be happier.

                      Jason Bachelor, Sutherland Shire

                        I am a real estate agent tasked with doing minor repairs for homeowners who wanted to put their homes for sale. One house had a really severe asbestos problem and the open house was just a week away! They were the only team who took on the job and got it done a few days before the open house. Great team of guys. Will not hesitate to recommend them to my clients.

                        Therese Simmons, Sydney CBD

                          Demolition 4 Less handled asbestos disposal for my store and I was happy with the results. They gave me an accurate quote, a reasonable timetable for the work and coordinated with me every step of the way. I only had to close shop for two days, which was a day earlier than expected! Truly a team of professionals that I would hire again.

                          Mike Greenwood, Glenwood
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